Joao Garin

Joao Garin / March 24, 2021

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Big ships are cool, they have pools and bar and tenis courts. But small ships, they are fast, exciting and easy to move around.


Big ships can take a lot of people, that's a good thing. It can also take a lot more on itself, not just people. Small ships on the other hand dont allow for many people and are more "fragile" person too many and the whole thing might turn on its head. Middle of the ocean that's not what you want..


Big ships are resilient, one big wave comes middle of the ocean and it will just cruise through it while small ships that can mean end of the ride right there. However if a big rock or iceberg unexpectidly stands in the way it might be an easier challenge to deal with on a small ship than say..titanic 😨

Speed and turning

Big ships with all the good things they have, are slow to move. They are hard to get going and once moving it can be hard to change course. Small ships on the other hand are fast, they are easy to change course or direction. They are just more flexible overall.


This doesnt mean one is better than the other but its important to think about the pros and cons while thinking what kind of ship do want you to be.. Oh, did I mention this was all about companies?

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