About Me

Hey, I’m Joao. I'm a frontend developer, part time creator of Haynet,  Brunivisual,  AI Font finder and many themeforest themes. I work at jobiqo as a senior frontend developer.

I’ve spoken in some local meetups and some onlin conferences like DrupalCon Europe from topics like visual regression testing, components architectures and javascript (React and Angular).

I grew up in in Cascais, close to Lisbon in Portugal. I am passionate about coding and javascript, surfing, computer games and food.

Conference Talks

Visual regression testing

In this session I presented what visual regression testing is, including information on how it can be adapted to your use case and how it can be included in your day to day workflow as a developer and as a team. I have shown tools in action and how they can improve the quality of your work in terms of design, accessibility and usability amongst other benefits.

Angular Universal

In this talk I covered what is Universal rendering, what that means for the web today, the benefits / challenges and how that can be accomplished with Angular. With Angular 4.0 what was previously a community-only effort (Angular Universal) was moved to Angular core making the API cleaner, easier to use, and maintaining better compatibility with the rest of the framework. We discussed what the new API looks like and what are the best ways to start using it today. The talk will focus on version 4.x.