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Hi there, I am Joao. A Frontend developer, builder and javascript enthusiast. I work as a Technical team lead at jobiqo. Congratulations, you found my digital garden, here have a 🍺 it's on me.
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Decoupled multifrontends with Next.js and Drupal

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How we leverage Next.js in combination with a Drupal backend to create multifrontend projects, allowing independent frontends managed by a single backend.

Finding the perfect side project stack

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In this blog post I will document a recent research for a tech stack for my side projects, or really just how I would start a real project in July 2021.


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Big ships are cool, they have pools and bar and tenis courts. But small ships, they are fast, exciting and easy to move around.

Latest projects

Retravel is a tool for travellers to help better plan, research and explore places all around the world leveraging the power of AI and ChatGPT. Currently in progress / under development.

AI Font finder

A web application using the GPT AI tool to recommend fonts for projects using the power of AI. Built in 2022.

Bruni Visual

Sass application for helping designers and developers collaborate on design implementations & theming. Built in 2022.


Sass application for ambulatory vets, based on Nextjs, GraphQL and Drupal. Launched in late 2020, currently not completely self service.


Between 2014 and 2017 I worked on many themes selling on themeforest. From Drupal themes to angular themes and also pure HTML themes.