An Update From Lee (#7)

Joao Garin

Joao Garin / April 30, 2019

2 min read

Today, I turn 26 🥳 It's been a crazy year full of new adventures, personal growth, and exciting opportunities.

There's also one more project I've been working on, which I'm excited to share has launched today! I've been doing freelance design & development work for BeyondHQ for the past 3 months.

Their mission is to expand tech-enabled economic opportunity beyond Silicon Valley, which directly aligns with my own goals. It's been a great opportunity. Today, the site goes live!

I've also wrote a new post Configuring Sentry for Next.js Apps. For many teams using Next.js, setting up exception monitoring is a critical requirement before going to production. This guide will show you how to use Sentry to catch & report errors on both client and server-side.

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