It's been awhile – Six new videos!? (#29)

Joao Garin

Joao Garin / April 06, 2021

4 min read

It's been over a month since my last update, so I'm excited to share a bunch of new content. As always, feel free to reach out if you're curious to hear more about anything shared below.


My favorite update is this high-performance blog starter I created. It allows you to write posts in Markdown/MDX and automatically categorizes posts using tags. It has lots of goodies built-in: an RSS feed, optimized images and fonts, and more. Create your own with npx create-next-app -e blog 🚀

Blog Starter Kit

New Videos

Product Roadmap

I've also tried to clone a few websites, just for fun:

  • Tesla Clone – This was a fun behind-the-scenes video as I tried to rebuild the car builder portion of with Tailwind.
  • Netflix Clone – Per request from Twitter, watch live as I build a clone of the landing page using Next.js, Tailwind (including the JIT engine), and next-auth to authenticate with Google.
  • Airbnb Clone – I joined a live stream with Contentful building an "Airbnb style" application with Contentful and Next.js. It turned out to be more of a great introduction to using Next.js with a CMS instead of exactly like Airbnb.

Live Steams with Guests!

Over the past two months, I brought 13 different guests on my YouTube live stream for a series of chats about React, Vue, Svelte, WebGL, Accessibility, Design Systems, Non-Tech Hangouts, and more!

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