React 2025 ✨ Pricing, pre-orders, and free stuff (#19)

Joao Garin

Joao Garin / May 24, 2020

2 min read

Today, I'm thrilled to share my new course React 2025. In the past week, over 500 developers have joined our community. Like you, they want to build and deploy modern Jamstack applications with the most popular open-source software.

React 2025

How is this course different?

I've learned a lot from creating courses –– what works, what doesn't, and why Jamstack is the future. I saw a disconnect between what most courses teach and what it takes to build a real SaaS application. That's where React 2025 is different.

React 2025 will show the journey from zero lines of code to production for a real application. My goal is to give you the skillset to launch your own application and make money on the internet. Creating digital products has changed my life, and I want to inspire other developers to do the same.

Course Format

This course will offer both a written version and a series of videos. The videos will be condensed but still in-depth. I value your time and don't expect you to spend 100 hours on a course.

Each video will fast forward through the slow parts and stop to explain relevant pieces along the way. This approach satisfies those who code along, as well as those who want a summary.


Many of you were eager to hear pricing details, so I'm excited to share them today.

React 2025 Pricing

I'm creating a community where you can ask questions, connect with other like-minded developers, and watch me build the course live.

Community members get access to live streaming sessions where I'll build the product from the ground up. There will likely be 5-6 live sessions.

Pre-order today and get $50 off the launch price. Oh, and one more thing...

Access to Mastering Next.js

Anyone who pre-orders React 2025 will also get access to Mastering Next.js (a $200 value) 🔥

Mastering Next.js

What's Next?

In the next update, I'll announce the product we'll build in the course. I'll also share a high-level technical overview of what the course will contain. Last but not least, I'll share the first live stream from the Community package for free.

🚀 Pre-order today and get $50 off + access to Mastering Next.js.

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