An Update From Lee (#13)

Joao Garin

Joao Garin / February 11, 2020

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2020 is off to a blazing start. I've managed to write five articles, alongside shipping my course.

Mastering Next.js

My video course on Next.js & React called Mastering Next.js has launched 🎉

After months of hard work, I'm extremely thrilled to get the course out there. Some final pre-launch Gumroad statistics:

  • 5,200 site views
  • 500 product views
  • 30 sales
  • $1,911 💸

You can view the first introduction module for free.

Mastering Next.js

Built a "personal dashboard"

I've started a new blog series showing how I built my own personal dashboard using Next.js API routes + Vercel serverless functions.

Bonus: Uses SWR to refresh stale content 🚀

Personal Dashboard

You don't need a two-page resume. Really.

As I moved into my new role a few months ago, I went to update my resume – That's when I realized it was terrible.

This prompted me to write a sort of resume retrospective. Basically, I just roast myself and my past resumes. Hopefully, you can laugh at my mistakes and learn from my failures.

If you don't read the article, here's what you need to know about your resume:

  • It should be easy to update and maintain.
  • The font is readable, and there's a good use of bold and italic.
  • Unnecessary information is omitted depending on your experience (e.g., GPA, internships).
  • More relevant information is included (skills, freelance work).
  • Industry normalized job title (Software Engineer III -> Senior Software Engineer).
  • There are clear start/end dates in the same format throughout.
  • Proper use of whitespace.
  • Content is limited to one page. Cut out the cruft.
  • The job title should be more prominent than the employer.
  • You should be able to quickly parse the content at a glance.
  • Include keywords to optimize for ATS

Want to know more? You can read the full post here.

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