An Update From Lee (#11)

Joao Garin

Joao Garin / September 15, 2019

2 min read

September has been a busy month. I spoke at three events about how to build a component library with a monorepo.

Miss the talks? You're in luck! You can view the slides here. Since the last update, I've written three articles.

I've been blown away by the reception 😲

Tweet about my article

My design systems post blew up on Reddit and even managed to snag a retweet from IBM Design and Storybook. It's now my most viewed blog post ever!

Reddit post

I also decided to switch my newsletter from TinyLetter to MailChimp.

At the start, TinyLetter was easier. It allowed me to get off the ground faster without having to set up an API endpoint. However, the extra dialog pop-up window to confirm your email address wasn't the greatest experience. Plus, TinyLetter's email editor is horrid. I'm trying to avoid paying for a service for now.

So, we'll see how MailChimp works out!

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